Anand Patel
Anand Patel


Information, Rules and Competition Handbooks

General Competition 2017
Timings and Entries for this year's General Competition
General Competition 2017.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [45.9 KB]
Selection Criteria for CWG 2018
Selection Criteria for CWG 2018.docx
Microsoft Word document [19.2 KB]
2015 General Gymnastics Competition - Vault Levels
2015 General Gymnastics Competition - Va[...]
.docx File [10.6 KB]
2015 Men's General Competition Floor Moves
2015 Men's General Competition Floor Mov[...]
.docx File [13.6 KB]
2014 Men's Competition Handbook
2014 Men's Competition Handbook..doc
.doc File [326.0 KB]
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