Anand Patel
Anand Patel


2022-04-02 - Commonwealth Games Trial
Commonwealth trial 2022-04-02.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [196.0 KB]
IOM Boys' Setwork Championships
2018-09-23 Setworks.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [579.9 KB]
2017 Isle of Man Championships
2017 Champs Scoresheet.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [184.8 KB]
2017 IOM Boys' Setwork Championships
2017 NDP.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [11.3 KB]
2017 General Competition Scores
2017 General Comp Score Sheet.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [89.6 KB]
The results from the four Island Games trial competitions
Island Games 2017 Trials Results.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [974.2 KB]
Celtic Cup 2016 Results
Adobe Acrobat document [243.5 KB]
2015 IOM General Gymnastics Competition
2015 IOM General Gymnastics Competition.[...]
Microsoft Excel sheet [62.1 KB]
Points for Alternative IG Trials - April 2015
Uploaded 07/052015
Alternative IG Trials - Womens Points..x[...]
.xlsx File [15.8 KB]
Results for Alternative IG Trial April 2015
Uploaded 07/05/2015
Alternative IG Trial 2015..xlsx
.xlsx File [48.8 KB]
2014 Junior WAG Isle Of Man Championships
Uploaded 07/052015
.xlsx File [179.8 KB]
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